Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN) provides a group of young people aged 14-17 an opportunity to develop self-awareness and valuable leadership skills. This weekend long program will see you engage with like-minded people, while having fun and learning new skills in areas such as problem solving and public speaking. On top of learning these skills, RYPEN will give you a chance to put them to practical use, through debate and physical activity.

Why should I go?

There are many reasons for attending RYPEN that will be valuable in your life, amongst them:

  • develop skills that will be invaluable as you develop your career and life
  • open the doors to other Rotary youth programs
  • allow you to stand out from the crowd
  • give you a network of friends for the rest of your life

RYPEN will challenge you and test you but you will have a lot of fun. You should also gain an insight into some of the skills needed to make a success of your life. As in most things, what you take away from the weekend will probably depend on what you are prepared to contribute.

Participants are required to dedicate the specified time to attend RYPEN and spend the full and entire time at camp. Once signed up there are no cancellations. If you participate in all activities, by showing the best of your leadership skills with a good attitude and open mind, you are guaranteed to get the most out of this camp.

Your local Rotary Club sponsors your attendance at RYPEN, and can assist with transport to the seminar. Note however that some clubs may ask for a small contribution from you or your parents. If this makes it difficult for you to attend, please contact the committee.

You will stay in dormitories with multiple people in a room, you will receive a list of what to bring and what not to bring to RYPEN.

At the seminar there is plenty of supervision with Rotarians on site at all times to help with the weekend. Course presentations are made by leaders in business, our community and academia.


If you will have had your 14th birthday and have not yet had your 18th birthday at the commencement of the Seminar you will be eligible to apply to a Rotary Club in District 9510 for sponsorship to the RYPEN Seminar. For a description of Rotary District 9510 click here.

You should also be keen to develop your leadership skills in a challenging but safe environment. Note that acceptance of your application is at the discretion of your Rotary club and the District Committee.

“A great way to meet new people and learn ways to become a better leader.”

“It is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and make friendships that will last forever. The atmosphere and welcoming ambience of the camp made the weekend more enjoyable.”

“A great camp to join for necessary skills you need to learn but taught in fun methods. If you don’t need to learn these skills, just join in and have some fun. Why not? It’s amazing.”

“A good experience and a good way to learn new skills, leadership and friends.”

“It is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and make friendships that will last forever. The atmosphere and welcoming ambiance of the camp made the weekend more enjoyable.”

Conditions of Attendance

A RYPEN Seminar will involve some sacrifice of individual liberties as you might expect. The following are the essential points of the basic code of behaviour expected of all attendees:

  • No alcoholic drinks are to be consumed by any person attending the Seminar including supervisors and leaders.
  • Smoking is not permitted at the Seminar
  • No  Awardee may leave the campsite without the knowledge and consent of the Camp Host.
  • “Outside” friends of “Awardees” not enrolled in the Seminar, are not to be invited to the campsite.
  • Everyone must attend breakfast and be on time. This is the first organised session of the day
  • Attendance at all sessions is compulsory.
  • MP3 players, Mobile phones etc are not permitted.

What should I bring?

Accommodation at RYPEN is in dormitory style rooms and meals are provided in a communal Dining Room. Awardees should bring the following:

  1. Warm casual clothing, rain wear
  2. Sports or walking shoes
  3. Warm clothes and torch for a night hike
  4. Sunscreen and hat
  5. Toiletries, towel, soap, toothbrush, etc.
  6. Sleeping-bag (or sheets and blankets)
  7. Pillow and pillowcase.
  8. Musical Instrument, if you play one.
  9. Writing pad and pen

Frequently Asked Questions

What time will does the program start and finish?

The program generally starts around 3 or 4 on the Friday and around 2 on the Monday. Finalised start and finish times will be sent to the participant and the parent/caregiver on confirmation of their place in the program.

Where will I be sleeping?

All participants will be sleeping in dormitories with people of the same gender as themselves.

Will there be adults on the camp?

Yes, all leaders of the camps are adults and the administrator of each program is a Rotarian.

How much does the program cost?

For you, nothing. In order to participate on the program though, you must gain sponsorship from a Rotary club, most preferably one close to you.

How do I go about getting sponsorship for my place on the program?

Go to the following webpage, https://rotary9510.org/ClubDirectory and find your local Rotary club to seek sponsorship.

What sort of people are suitable to attend RYPEN?

We want people who are aged 14-17 years old and who are looking to make new friends, learn and develop themselves and have fun.

I’ve completed RYPEN, what next?

Your sponsoring Rotary club will most likely have asked you to come to one of their meetings to speak about your experience on RYPEN. You should also keep in touch with your fellow RYPEN participants and tell your friends about the experience you’ve had on RYPEN. Then, when you turn 18, keep an eye out for information on RYLA, the Rotary Youth Leadership Award.